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Today’s teenagers face one of the most difficult times in history of finding their identity in life. In a world with streaming ideas and shifting values, our youth need something reliable, something authentic—something true.

The goal of Youth Ministry (for grades 6-12)  is to establish a community of teenagers and their families who are experiencing the joy of Christ. We believe these years are not merely to be survived, but rather years to discover what God has in store for each young person.

Our desire is to lead teenagers in Christian discipleship and to support and equip parents in their calling.


Wednesday Meetings

The Youth gather every Wednesday night at 7:00p. We meet for times of worship, preaching, and small group discussion. The meeting takes place at the LCC building in the youth room (Room 103). Check out our Calendar and click on the Wednesday youth event to find out more about this week's meeting.  

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Sunday Youth Retrospect

Youth Retrospect is all about looking to the wisdom of the past for life today. This wisdom is grounded in God's Word, and this class time during the School of the Word hour provides an opportunity for the youth to do some more extensive study of the Bible and Christian Doctrine. Currently, our lessons are drawn from the New City Catechism. Retrospect meets on Sunday mornings at 8:45a to 9:30a upstairs in the Conference Room. 


Youth Activities

In addition to our Wednesday night meetings, we have one or two fun activities per month (themed nights, scavenger hunts, parties, canoe trips…). Check the the LCC Calendar or subscribe to our Youth Newsletter for more information. For questions, contact Pastor Evan

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Youth Camp 

A highlight every year for the youth is our summer trip to Youth Camp for a time of fellowship, games, fun, and ministry.

This year's Youth Camp will be July 17-20 at Camp Living Waters in Loranger, LA. Youth Camp is for those entering 7th grade through graduated seniors. The cost is $190.   




Youth Camp 2018: RESISTANCE



  • “The refusal to accept or comply with something.”
  • “Withstanding the force or effect of an opposing influence”
  • “an underground organization of a nearly conquered country engaging in sabotage and secret operations against occupation forces and collaborators”

The book of Daniel is about young people living faithfully during a time of exile. They are taken away from what is comfortable and familiar, and placed in an environment that seeks to pressure and entice them away from God’s purposes and calling. They display courageous resistance and a faith that is proven real when tested by fire. They had encountered a God who was larger than the threats they faced and more worthy and rewarding than the idols of their age.

Today, we may not live in Babylon and face lions or furnaces. But we live in a culture that is always seeking to shape us. It doesn't have to remove us from our home; we don't even have to be taken from our bedroom. But its influence surrounds us. It presents promises and imposes penalties on those who do not participate. And our hearts seem to be all too willing to give in. With discernment, we'll see that we are in "enemy occupied" territory. But God stands by his people, and he blesses The Resistance. 



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