Young Adult Ministry


The Pivot

As a ministry from within the local church, The Pivot exists to give particular care to some of the needs of people between ages 18 and 25. We want to speak with biblical relevance to both the opportunities and the challenges that face us in this season of our lives. We want to see Christians become more passionate about God and we want non-Christians to see our lives, hear the gospel, and get captured by a vision of the greatness of God! We also want to see Christians come full circle – getting plugged into a solid local church and investing themselves in its mission.

If you'd like to check us out, there are a few different gatherings you can jump into:

Small Groups

In the spring and fall, as our church gathers in Small Groups, we offer a Pivot Small Group for young adults. In this group, we seek to build meaningful friendships as we gather to share a meal & fellowship, discuss God's Word and how it particularly applies to this crucial season of life, and minister to one another through prayer. 

This semester, The Pivot is reading through the book The Secular Creed and is discussing how to interact with others who believe differently than themselves, as well as learning how to biblically defend thier beliefs. 

Fellowship Events

About once per month, we plan a fun outing/hangout event for us to have space to laugh and enjoy life together. 

Retreats & Conferences

  • Fall Retreat | Near the beginning of each school year we get away to refocus our attention on the Lord, His Word, and Prayer. Fall Retreat is usually scheduled for the last weekend of September
  • CROSS 2021 | A conference for 18-25 yr olds that takes place in Louisville, KY Dec. 29-Jan. 1

Contact Luke Collins for more info about any of our upcoming small groups or events. We'd love for you to join us!


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