LCC Kids

LCC Chidren's Ministry

The mission of our LCC Children’s Ministry is to assist parents in their calling to train their children in the knowledge of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). We believe that ministry to the next generation is vital for accomplishing God’s commission to the church to make and teach disciples (Matt. 28:19). We believe that children are a wonderful blessing from the Lord, so it is our desire to create a safe, loving, fun, and orderly environment in which the children entrusted to our care are able to learn about the character of God, discover biblical truth, experience the power of the Gospel, and find out how to be followers of Jesus Christ. 

For any questions about LCC Kids, contact our Children's Minisitry Director, Ryan Lowe



From the moment your infant enters our nursery, he or she begins to experience God’s love through the love and attention of our caregivers. Our loving nursery staff helps your baby find an interesting toy, meet a new face, or just enjoy nap time in a cozy crib. A private nursing-mothers’ room is also available with television links to the main service. 


Toddlers (2 & 3 Year Olds)

Toddlers become more curious about their surroundings each day. We encourage that curiosity as our toddlers begin to learn about God from loving teachers who use active teaching methods designed just for this age group. On Sunday mornings these children learn about creation and God’s wonderful world through stories, singing, and lots of interactive play. 


LCC Kids (Pre-K through Fifth Grade)

After joining the rest of the church for corporate singing, the children are dismissed to Children’s Church, where they are taught a lesson targeted at their age group. Parents receive follow-up materials so that they can participate in what their children were taught and reinforce the lesson.




Visiting Us?

If you’re planning on visiting Lakeview Christian Center for the first time and have children who will participate in LCC Kids, we hope this will give you an idea of what you can expect when you arrive.


How do I check-in my child?

Stop by the check-in table next to the staircase. A volunteer will assist you in checking your child in to an age-appropriate class. Your child will receive a sticker with his or her name, class, and security code on it. There will also be a tag for you to use for check-out.

To expedite the check-in process, you can pre-register your child by using the form here. Please remember to list any important information that we should be aware of such as allergies, special needs, etc.


What if I need to be contacted during the service about an issue?

You’ll receive a tag at check-in that has a security code for your children. That code will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the projection screen in the auditorium if you are needed at the check-in desk.


Our Parent Newsletter

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Our Curriculum

We make use of the Gospel Story for Kids curriculum and accompanying resources in our classes. Devotional materials for parents to use at home are available in our Bookstore.


Our Volunteer Staff

All children's ministry staff and volunteers are required to submit to a background check and screening process, including safety training, provided through Ministry Safe

If you are interested in serving in LCC Kids, please contact Ryan Lowe. For more information about our volunteer screening and child protection policies, see our LCC Kids Policies & Procedures Manual.  






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