Summer Bible Jam 2018



What is the Summer Bible Jam?

Summer Bible Jam is an annual quest that we take as a church that is intended to strengthen personal Bible reading and to deepen our love for and enjoyment of the Scriptures. As pastors we believe strongly in the preaching of God’s Word and we often recommend various books and resources—but there is no substitute for what takes place in our lives, when we personally encounter God through His revealed Word! Without a personal study and prayer life, we simply will not grow sufficiently in our discipleship.

The Summer Bible Jam is designed to encourage personal Bible reading as well as believers getting together to discuss what they’re reading in Scripture and how that is impacting their lives. Since we don’t just want to read the Bible but read it effectively, we’ve also dedicated Sundays in the summer to preaching through Scripture in a way that teaches people how to meaningfully interact with Scripture.  

The Summer Bible Jam includes these elements:

  • Personal Bible reading and study
  • Discipleship groups (2-3 people that you choose)
  • Sunday sermons


Listen to testimonies of how God has used the SBJ to affect many people at LCC:


This Year: Reading Living Epistles

Bible Jam 2018 will feature how to do a ‘character study’ in Scripture. It will help us to see how God is telling His great story through our little lives!  …how names of obscure individuals like David and Sarah and Jeremiah have become ‘household’ names—because God was revealing Himself through them!



Discipleship Groups

You’ll choose your own discipleship group with 2-3 other people and meet either weekly or every-other-week to discuss what you’re experiencing in God’s Word, and to pray together out of what you are seeing in Scripture.





Weekly Resources


Week 1 (June 10)

Week 2 (June 17)

Week 3 (June 24)

Week 4 (July 1)

Week 5 (July 8)

Week 6 (July 15)

Week 7 (July 22)

Week 8 (Aug 5)





Join us on Sundays at 

9:00am & 11:00am