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Session Breakout: Evangelism in the Current Day

January 26, 2019 Series: Men's Retreat 2019

Topic: Evangelism

Men's Retreat 2019

Commissioned: Building a Life on Purpose

Breakout Session - Evan May, Jeff Ehrhardt

As our culture has shifted over the past decade, the barriers for evangelism are now located in different places than they used to be. The spiritual realities are the same, but the landscape of ideas has changed. We cannot assume that people share the same starting points with us. We need strategies for communicating the timeless message of the gospel into the current realities of today. We need to understand the people we are seeking to reach.

For fathers, there is no less of a need to discern this in our own families. How do we draw out our unbelieving children, whether they are four or twenty-four? What principles do we need to have when seeking to foster a faith environment when they are young, and what do we need to be aware of as they grow older? And how should we develop relationally with them when we don't yet share Christ in common with them?


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