Prayer Targets

7 Watchposts: Monday

Monday – Mission of the church


Your prayer assignment will consist of three segments:



Illumination –  a scripture reading to bring light into our minds and heart.

            Read Matthew 28: 16-20                            |   5 mins.


Meditation – a moment of silence characterized by listening to the voice of the Spirit.

            Listening to the voice of the Spirit           |   5 mins.


Intercession –  a moment to intercede on behalf of our church.

            Prayer Points below                                    | 15 mins.

  • Pray that the Lord, through His Spirit, would increase our church’s burden for the lost and unsaved. That God would help us see the lost as He does. That God would create in us such a great love for His name, that we would be deeply compelled to share the message of the gospel with those around us.
  • Ask God to enlighten the eyes of our hearts to see people from an eternal perspective. That He would give us the same compassion for the lost that Jesus felt when he looked upon the shepherdless crowds.
  • That the Lord, through His Spirit, would fill us with boldness and courage. And that God would make us a people that put to death the sins of cowardice, apathy, and sloth. 
  • Ask God that He would let LCC see salvation fruit. Ask him to not let his word return void, but to raise the dead to life. Ask him to open the hearts of non-believers to receive the gospel. Ask him to remove the veil of unbelief that blinds them from seeing the glory of Christ. Ask him to grant them repentance and free them from Satan’s snare. Ask him to enable us as a church to share in the joy of heaven by seeing a sinner repent.
  • Ask God for evangelistic success through our various ministry efforts (Alpha, Beta, Youth, Children’s ministry, VBS, Musical, etc.). 
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to give LCC open doors for the proclamation of the gospel. That we would experience continued, effective connecting with our neighborhood and the surrounding region. That God to give us wisdom as to how we can best serve the city in which he has placed us.
  • Pray for wisdom and revelation for LCC to plant a new church. Pray that one or many ‘evangelists’ would come from our midst. 
  • Pray that God would give us a vision to use our financial resources, not to increase our comforts, but to expand His Kingdom.







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