Prayer Targets

20for20 - Jan 1

January 1, 2020


Each day, your prayer assignment will consist of three segments:

            Illumination – a scripture reading to bring light into our minds and heart.

            Meditation – a moment of silence characterized by listening to the voice of the               Spirit.

            Intercession – a moment to intercede on behalf of our church


Illumination (5 mins)


  • Scripture Reading – Joshua 1:1-10
  • Read the text slowly but don’t analyze it. Let it speak to you.


Meditation (5 mins)

  • Still your mind and heart. Listen to the voice of the Spirit.
  • What is the Lord saying to you and through you?
  • Did you receive prophetic impressions to share?


Intercession (10 mins)


The following prayer points are based on the Scripture reading. Feel free to expand on them.


  • Ask the Lord: Lord, what “land”, blessing, fruit, ministry, provision do you have for LCC in 2020? (v. 2) Make us a people wholly dependent on you for everything.
  • Ask the Lord: Father, would you make us aware of your presence around us and in us? Would you make us a church that trusts your promise to never leave or forsake us. (v. 5).
  • Ask the Lord: Give us faith and steadfastness to be deeply committed to your Word and to live by the path it lays before us. Helps us be a church that never departs from your Word. Help us be people who take great pleasure in meditating on it, day and night. (v. 8)
  • Ask the Lord: Give us strength to be courageous, and in the courage you provide, help us be a church who is knows nothing of ‘fear of man’ but lives gladly in the fear of the Lord. (v.9)

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