Pastoral Care

The Christian life is messy.

When the Lord saves us, we aren’t instantly taken up into Heaven and removed from the struggles of this present world. We continue to live in a place of sin and suffering as the Holy Spirit progressively conforms us into the image of Christ (Rom. 8:28-29). However, the good news is that God has not called us to live this life alone. He calls us to grow in the context of a local church and gives pastors and teachers to care for our souls (Hebrews 13:17).

While the primary way this church cares for its people is through the ministry of the Word on Sunday mornings and Small Groups throughout the week, the pastoral staff is also available to provide care as you seek to apply the truths of Scripture to your life. Any of the pastors would be happy to counsel through needs and issues with you.

To schedule an appointment with a pastor, contact the church office at 504.482.6221 or CLICK HERE


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