Men's Retreat Info

This January we’ll be taking our first few steps into a new decade! It’s a little sobering to pick up 10 years of your life and to consider where you were in life’s journey 10 years ago and where you’ll be 10 years from now.

This year’s Regional Men’s Retreat is about the journey we’re on as men. It’s about common places along the way, the struggles that we face, the wandering and missteps that occur, the critical moments of restoration, and ultimately—what are we aiming at and hoping for in this journey?

We’ll meet an anonymous fellow-traveler in Scripture, who tells his story with brutal honesty and moments in his life to which we can all relate. In addition we’ll take some time to talk about other aspects of our journey as men. Our journey with the significant others in our lives. Our journey as we move toward the end of our story. And the dark and mysterious journey into our own hearts.

Don’t just start the next year off as a continuation of whatever you’ve been doing or as a new page of old habits. Come join men from Sovereign Grace Churches in the southeastern U.S. at Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, AL on January 24th-26th as we gather to meet with God, experience fellowship with friends, and renew our vision to live as men called by God. Start the next decade off aiming at what ultimately matters the most!

Retreat registration is $130 and includes Breakfast and Lunch buffets on Saturday and a Breakfast buffet on Sunday morning.

Retreat Lodging is $85 per night for a single or double occupancy room. Your Room must be booked by Jan 9th in order to receive the Retreat discount. After Jan 9th, room availability and retreat rates are not guaranteed.

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