Leading Others in Christ

Here at LCC, we’re all about growing together for the glory of God. That means we want to see people come to faith in Christ and grow in their maturity in Christ as they experience his joy. We recognize that God has designed for this to take place through a church community.

How can we help you with where you are in your walk with the Lord?



As you’ve begun to experience maturity in the Lord, and as we’ve been able to get to know you in the context of the church community, our desire is to stir up whatever gifting the Lord may have given you to help lead others in Christ. If you’d like more information about leadership opportunities, please speak with one of the pastors.

Here are some settings for equipping and deploying in leadership:

  • Alpha Table Leading
  • Leadership Development Group
  • Small Group Leading
  • Ministry Leading
  • Counseling Team 



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