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Your prayer request will not be published on this site. The LCC Prayer Ministry Admin Team will receive your request, possibly edit it if any changes are needed, and send the request by email to the Prayer Ministry subscribers. If you'd like to subscribe to receive the Prayer Ministry e-mails, click here.

In order to best serve those receiving requests and fulfill the function of this site, we ask that you would please consider two guidelines when you submit your requests:

  1. The purpose of this forum is to notify the members of Lakeview Christian Center of the prayer needs in our church body. Please restrict your requests to local needs, that is, to the family and friends of Lakeview.

  2. Please be careful that your comments do not stray away from requests for prayer. Please do not use the Prayer Ministry as a means of making announcements, asking for help, giving out contact info, etc. We would encourage you to either share these in your Covenant Group or call the church office at 504.482.6221.

Thank you for your participation in this ministry!

Submit Prayer Request/Update


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