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Ancient Paths_ Fasting POST

 In this past Sunday's sermon, we began to introduce some ancient paths that God has designed for us to walk in and find rest for our souls (Jer. 6:16). These are patterns and habits that shape our hearts and lead us to encounter an enchanting God. 


Walking this Pathway

We began with The Ancient Path of Fasting. Here are some things to consider as you plan to walk in this pathway. 

"When you fast... your Father who sees in secret will reward you." (Matt. 6:17-18)

1. Choose something that you routinely go to for "reward".
2. Set a period of time for your fast.
3. Plan what you'll do when you're fasting (agenda for prayer).
4. Whenever you feel the appetite pull toward that thing, turn your heart to God.
5. Be sensitive to what the Lord desires to reveal.


Ways to Fast:

  • Pick a day of the week to fast from lunch, from now until Easter.
  • Do a juice fast for a day.
  • Sign out of your social media accounts for 40 days.
  • Turn off Netflix for a week.
  • Don't buy any new clothing or home furnishings for a month.
  • Fast from listening to podcasts or talk radio for a month, and use commute time for additional worship and prayer.
  • Fast from dessert (for reasons other than your waistline!) for a season of time.
  • Select one day a week when you'll turn off your phone and put it in your closet.
  • Fast from eating out for 40 days, and use the money you would have spent to give to missions or the poor.

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