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The Gathering   The Gathering

The songs on The Gathering were recorded live at the WorshipGod 2011 Conference. These songs can be sung apart from each other, but together they form a progression that reflects the gospel and our response to it.

 Sooner Count the Stars  Sooner Count the Stars

What kinds of songs should we use to praise a God who has revealed himself to us in Scripture as one God in three persons? At the very least, they should inspire gratefulness and amazement that God the Father has joined us to himself through the substitutionary sacrifice of his Son and sent his Spirit to open our eyes to his love. We pray that’s the effect of listening to and singing the songs on Sooner Count the Stars.

 30: Three Decades of Songs for the Church  30: Three Decades of Song for the Church

For thirty years, Sovereign Grace Music has produced over 60 projects with musical styles ranging from rap to hymns, from rock to alternative, from remixes to choruses. We’ve recorded more than 500 songs written by over thirty writers, but our purpose has never changed: to serve the local church with songs that are theologically-driven and gospel-rich. To celebrate God’s faithfulness, we asked a number of artists and musicians we’ve come to know through the years to record a version of some of our more well known songs. We were excited about what they came up with, and hope you will be too.

 TheOlogy  The Ology (children's album)

Kids are like sponges, taking in everything they see and hear around them. That’s why children’s albums are so important. They provide an opportunity to fill young minds and hearts with eternal truths from God’s Word. That’s the aim of The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New, the fourth album from Sovereign Grace Kids. In a memorable, creative, fun, and understandable way, kids learn all about God, people, sin, God’s promises, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, adoption, sanctification, the church, Christ’s return, and the Bible. Our hope is that The Ology will support dads, moms, teachers, and children’s ministry workers as they seek to serve the next generation with the gospel.




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